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As of December 27, 2017 Dr. Gillian Adams will no longer practice medicine at Plumtree Family Health Center.  Letters have been mailed to patients to inform of the changes at the practice.  Please see below for information about continued care.  

"My Dear Patient,

After almost 25 years at Plumtree, it is with a heavy heart that I must move on for my own health reasons. It is difficult to express what an honor and privilege it has been to be your doctor, but I am going to try.

I had always planned on staying at this office until I could no longer practice medicine. Many of you know that I live in Washington, DC, and have been making a 1.5 hour commute each way for 3.5 years. Some of you know that I have psoriatic arthritis, which is mostly controlled with a very effective medication. What I did not know was that the arthritis would limit my ability to drive so far each day. Moreover, the commute has proved dangerous after my 12-plus hour days; falling asleep behind the wheel has become a real possibility.  While I try and get my 8 hours of sleep each night and exercise 30 minutes a day, these issues have escalated in the last few months, necessitating immediate action for my own safety and that of others.

I want you to know how important my journey with you has been to me. I arrived at Plumtree right out of residency in 1993, when the practice was less than a year old. The ensuing years have been a learning process, during which I have experienced significant personal, professional and spiritual growth.  You have been a big part of that. You allowed me to really get to know you and be a part of your life. I’ve seen some of you for almost 3 decades; I’ve treated your family members, including in some cases great grandparents through great grandchildren, aunts, uncles, coworkers, friends. We have been together through your good times and your bad times, and you have trusted me to help you manage your medical and emotional conditions. I have been moved to tears by your losses and amazing successes and our doctor-patient, and human, connection. I consider each of our interactions special and unique, and I thank you for that!

I thank you for all that you have taught me. Because of you I have become a listener, a better healer, and a better person.  Many of you are familiar with some of my favorite “spiels”: "Don’t be afraid to do the right thing… Food is fuel that you love that gets you to the next fill up… Your spouse is the one who is supposed to decrease your stress." These are a product of my interactions with you, and, in turn, have helped inform how I live my own life. 

I will carry what I’ve learned from you to my next group of patients, and hope this next phase of my journey is as enriching for me as being your doctor has been.

Continuing your Healthcare at Plumtree Family Health Center:

I realize my departure will raise concerns for some of you about your healthcare in the months and years ahead. Rest assured that my colleagues here at Plumtree will take excellent care of you and find someone awesome to replace me. With your permission, I will happily explain your medical situation to your new physician and offer advice on how to keep you on the healthiest path possible.  I recommend that you arrange for continued care with one of my trusted colleagues. If you already have an appointment scheduled with me in 2018, you will be receiving a call in the next few weeks to reschedule with one of the other providers in the practice. In the event you consider leaving the practice, you should fill out the “Record Release from Plumtree” form and return it to the office. This form can be found under patient documents on our website.

Lastly, I would like to invite you to a final farewell on Friday, December 1 ,2017 at MaGerks at 120 South Bond Street, Bel Air, MD.  This event will be held from 4-8 pm.  Please stop by anytime during the evening to say goodbye and also meet my colleagues that will be assuming your care moving forward. It would be much appreciated if you would please call the office to RSVP.  You may leave a voicemail for Christina Markel on extension 116.  We look forward to seeing you at the farewell party.

So, thank you my friend. There will always be a warm spot in my heart with your name on it.  I am truly sorry to have to leave Plumtree and will miss you very much.

If you need medical care prior to my departure from the practice, please do not hesitate to contact my office at 410-569-4224.   My last day at Plumtree Family Health Center is December 27, 2017.

-Dr. Gillian Adams"

2017 Holiday Hours:

Wednesday, November 22nd- office closes at 12pm

Thursday November 23rd- Office Closed

Friday November 24th - Office Closed

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Labcorp Hours have changed - please see below!!

Effective 4/1/2014- Due to Federal Regulations, we will no longer be able to see patients that need Department of Transportation (DOT) Physicals and Workmans Compensation (WC) appointments.

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